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WL Plastics' High Density Polyethylene is a thermoplastic polymer used in pipe and conduit applications. The easy-to-install HDPE conduit pipe is suitable for telecom and fiber-optic, non-pressurized or -potable applications, such as Power Utilities, CATV, FTTh, Telecommunications, and Premise. This communication duct pipe is available in a variety of sizes and colors, and comes in continuous reels.

Because of its flexible nature, it reduces the use of fittings and remains ductile at low temperatures. Its longer pull lengths mean manholes can be placed farther apart, with fewer joints needed for directional drilling and plowing. Its lengths allow for greater flexibility in system design, as well as the ability to follow trench contours and avoid underground obstacles. The pipe is resistant to corrosive chemicals and aggressive soils and is impervious to bacteria and fungus. With these benefits, WL Plastics HDPE pipe is the ideal piping solution for your commnication application.

  • Made with tough, durable, flexible HDPE
  • Manufactured only with prime ASTM D3350 classified resins
  • No widespec, near prime or recycled materials
  • Provides a protective pathway for cable installations
  • Protects against rock and root impingement
  • Excellent stress crack resistance
  • Remains ductile at low temperatures
  • Continuous lengths on reels for ease of installation and longer pulls
  • Available from 0 to 12 diameters
  • Available in a variety of standard SDRs, colors, length and reel combinations
  • Custom colors, lengths, reel configurations and print-lines also available
  • Pre-installed pull tape available
  • Manufactured in accordance with ASTM F2160 and NEMA TC 7
  • UL651A approvals coming soon


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