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Pipe Sizes – WL102, WL104, WL116, WL130

Conduit Pipe Sizes – WL134, WL135, WL136

Pressure Rating – WL102, WL118

Temperature – WL118

Surge Pressure – WL104, WL118


Vacuum – WL118

Pipe Material – WL106, WL106C, WL123

Compressed Air – WL112, WL118

Natural Gas – WL116, WL118, WL129

Oil, Liquid Hydrocarbons – WL116, WL118

Installation – WL101, WL113

Joining – WL101

Submittals – WL117

Pipe Standards – WL116

Model Spec – WL110


WL101 - Joining and Field Procedures for Pipe

WL 102 - IPS Pipe Sizes & Ratings - PE4710/PE3608/PE3408

WL 103 - Camcore™

WL 104 - DIPS (DIOD) Pressure Class Pipe

WL 105 - Striped

WL 106 - PE4710 Pipe Compound

WL 106C - PE4710/PE100 Pipe Compound

WL 108 - Shipping Data (Contact WL Plastics Customer Service for Shipping Information)

WL 110 - High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) Pipe and Fittings [MS Word]

WL111 - Unloading Guidelines for WL Plastics Polyethylene Pipe

WL111A - Handling WL Plastics Reeled Pipe

WL112 - Frequently Asked Questions

WL 113 - Burial Guidelines

WL 115 - PE4710 Water Pipe

WL 116 - Pipe Standards

WL 117 - Submittal Documents

WL 118 - Pressure Rating

WL 122 - WL Plastics PE4710 Performance

WL 123 - High-Performance PE4710

WL 125 - Terms and Conditions of Sale

WL 129 - Material & Gas Distribution Sizes

WL 130 - FM Approved Pipe

WL 131 - Safety Data Sheet (SDS)

WL134 - Smoothwall Conduit Product Overview, Technical Information and Manufacturing Locations

WL135 - Smoothwall Conduit Sizes

WL136 - Conduit Shipping Data



ISO 9001:2008-2018 Certificate

Made in America Letter

PHMSA Ruling on Gas Pipe Letter


Camcore DIPS Specifications

Camcore IPS Specifications

Ideal Blue DIPS Specifications

Ideal Blue IPS Specifications

PE 4710 Specifications

ASTM Standards

Order through ASTM at www.astm.org

ASTM D2321 - Underground Installation of Thermoplastic Pipe for Sewers and Other Gravity-Flow Applications

ASTM D2774 - Underground Installation of Thermoplastic Pressure Piping

ASTM F1417 - Installation Acceptance of Plastic Gravity Sewer Lines Using Low=Pressure Air

ASTM F2164 - Field Leak Testing of Polyethylene (PE) Pressure Piping Systems Using Hydrostatic Pressure

AWWA Standards

Order through AWWA at www.awwa.org

AWWA C651 - Disinfecting Water Mains

AWWA M 55 - PE Pipe - Design and Installation

Publicaciones en Español

WL101 - Procedimientos de unión y campo de tuberías

WL102 - Tamaños de tuberías IPS y regímenes de presión - PE3608/PE3408

WL106 - Compuesto de tubería PE4710

WL111 - Instrucciones para descargar tubos de polietileno

WL118 - Regímen de Presión

WL123 - Alto rendimiento PE4710

WL125 - Términos y condiciones de venta de wl plastics

WL130 - Tubería PE4710 aprobada por FM

WL130M - Tubería PE4710 aprobada por FM

WL131 - Hoja de datos de seguridad

PPI Publications

Download free from www.plasticspipe.org

Sales Assistance

Contact WL Plastics Customer Service at wlsales@wlplastics.com

Technical Assistance

Contact WL Plastics Technical at: wltechnical@wlplastics.com or (435) 867-8908 for technical assistance with products, applications, installation or other technical matters.

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