High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) has been used in municipal and industrial sewer applications for over three decades. HDPE pipe offers resistance to corrosion, abrasions and chemicals with durability, strength and cost-effective installation.


Find out more about how CAMCORE polyethylene pipe enhances video inspection and lateral tap by utilizing a coextruded light color interior surface.


Hydrogen sulfide corrosion is a serious threat to conventional sewer lines, sometimes halving the service life. But WL Plastics HDPE pipe is not attacked, corroded or degraded by hydrogen sulfide, assuring long service and effective use of municipal dollars. WL Plastics HDPE pipe is also immune to most chemicals, microbiological agents and scale buildup. They will not rust or deteriorate and are proven to be fully resistant to the forces of organic and inorganic corrosion. Flexibility and leak-free joints solve many unique problems that rigid concrete, PVC or ductile iron pipes can’t. Leak free-heat fusion joints keep effluent inside the system, and prevent infiltration that can overload treatment systems.


WL Plastics HDPE pipe has proven to be a reliable, long-term solution for sewer and wastewater systems such as: Forced Sewer Mains, Pipeline Rehabilitation, Trenchless Pipeline Replacement, Combined Storm & Sanitary Sewer Lines, Sludge Lines, Intake & Outfall Lines, Culvert Relining and Digester Lines. WL Plastics’ lightweight, easy-to-install HDPE pipe save you considerable time and money, making it the ideal piping solution for sewer applications.